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Tips On How To Manage Remote Employee Attendance

December 7, 2020

We all know it is hard to survive with any business in this growing competitive environment without managing your employees effectively. Employees are the asset of any organization and they assist in improving your company’s bottom line.

When it comes to remote employees the major aspect is to manage and track attendance of remote employees. Ineffective attendance management may impact the turnover rate and business productivity. To stay productive you need to focus on employee working hours and should stay in compliance with the labor rules and regulations. Moreover, employees are paid accurately depending upon their total number of working days. Thus HR managers must know the tips on how to manage remote employee attendance.

As per the labor laws, A full-time employee needs to work 40 hours per week and the employer needs to pay if the employee exceeds the defined working hours or who works overtime. In this case, the employee can lawfully go against the employer if the accurate amount is not paid as per the working hours. Attendance management of the employees is the key to the success of an organization.

Here we have described the different tips to manage remote employee attendance effectively.

#1. Define The Attendance Policy For Employees

Before implementing an automated employee tracking software, the employer should set clear expectations for the employees, and the HR manager should draft the attendance policies to be followed by the employees. The drafted policies should clearly explain how to avail of the away time and the impact of not following the procedures properly. It also describes the type of leaves available for employees. Interact with your employees and make sure that they clearly understood the attendance policies of the organization.

#2. Incorporate Video Conferencing To Have Interactive Work Environment

When you suddenly implement an online attendance policy for remote employees, it may be difficult for them to understand in the beginning phase. So make use of the video and voice calls to interact with the employees and get to know how they go along with this remote work culture and online attendance tracking.

Frequent video conferencing would help to make an emotional connection with the employees which in turn will make them feel free to approach and share their issues. Thus it reduces unplanned absenteeism.

#3. Make Use of Perfect Attendance Tracker

Just can’t imagine the manual tedious attendance tracking system in those traditional methods of attendance management. Now, this has been replaced with automated attendance tracking software. A remote project management software with a perfect attendance tracker would help to track the remote employees effectively. When the remote employee’s login/logout to the project management software for their work, the attendance for the day is tracked automatically with the inbuilt attendance tracker and provides insightful reports.

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#4. Encourage Employees To Make Use Of Their Absence Calendar

The employer needs to select the attendance management software with Absence Calendar for both employee and employer. The employees should be allowed to access their Absence Calendar so that they can keep track of their leaves at their convenience. It also allows the employees to schedule their vacation or leaves well in advance. They will also feel comfortable to have control over their attendance management. This power for the employees will enhance work motivation and reduce absenteeism.

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#5. Integrate Attendance tracking & Payroll Processing

As payroll processing involves accurate attendance data. Tracking the exact attendance data is crucial in this process. Any error with data copied from one tool to another tool for processing payroll may result in underpaying or overpaying the employees. So it is always better to choose a tool where the attendance management and payroll processing are integrated into one single platform. Choose one such platform or tool where it becomes easy for the HR to calculate the number of leaves, number of working days, Productive working hours to have a transparent and exact payroll processing.

#6. Promote Flexible Policies

Employees may feel uncomfortable with rigid attendance policies and impact their motivation towards their job. When employees are not offered flexible off time, unexpected absenteeism increases which in turn will impact business productivity. So it is important to provide flexible attendance policies. You must consider the employee concerns without compromising on the work quality. For example, work from home option can be provided when the employee is not able to commute due to any physical issue.

#7. Analyze The Attendance Reports

The automated attendance reports generated by the advanced attendance management system provides information on daily login and logout details. From this information, you will get to know whether the employee is early or delayed during his or her entry/exit. It shows the working pattern of the employees. The different types of leaves availed by the employee and the total number of worked days of the employee will allow you to understand whether the absenteeism has increased or decreased during their remote work.

#8. Engage Remote Employees With Project Meetings

Plan and schedule the meetings in advance for the remote employees since each employee may work at different time intervals when they are at home. This planning will make the remote employee join with other coworkers and managers at the office and can discuss the work progress or discuss the upcoming project, etc. Engaging the remote employees with certain meeting will reduce unexpected absenteeism and you can well manage the attendance of the remote employees

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#9. Use proper documentation

Employee monitoring software has made documentation of tasks and activities easy even if the processes are complicated. For remote working employees, employee monitoring software helps in documenting clock-in/out time, work hours, productivity, and other relevant information. Documentation is an absolute necessity for managing remote employee work and attendance. It would also be beneficial to document employees’ achievements and top performances to make them feel appreciated, especially when working remotely.

#10. Regular check-ins

Employee monitoring software can be highly effective in keeping your team honest with their work hours. But it’s also important to check up on the quality and quantity of their work. Daily check-ins can be used as a method of keeping employees in check with the quality and quantity of work they are doing. This highly effective system can be implemented through something as simple as a daily work report message or a daily stand-up call.

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Managing the attendance of the employees is an important aspect of any business. Effectively managing remote employee attendance will result in high business productivity and motivated employees. Moreover, maintaining the tracked attendance data with accurate reports is essential to stay in compliance with the labor laws. As the world is moving towards digital technology at a fast pace, the remote work option is exponentially increasing and a perfect attendance management system with remote monitoring tools would serve the purpose to manage remote employees. Hope the above tips assist you to manage the attendance of the remote employees.

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