8 Effective Tactics for Improving Developer’s Productivity

Updated on September 25th, 2023

Web and app development is one of the hottest career choices today. Most tech companies employ developers in bulk. The development process is often complicated, time-consuming, and repetitive in nature. Developers have to spend countless hours in front of their screens coding, fixing bugs, trying out new features, etc. This can often distract developers, make them less productive and cause unwanted time wastage. Developers often experience burnout and find themselves staring blankly at their screens without any significant output. Managers and developers are always on the lookout for new ways to improve developer productivity. Here we will have a look at 8 effective tactics for improving developer’s productivity.

1. Minimize distractions

Coding and development are processes that require intense focus and concentration. Developers will often need to switch between multiple platforms and websites during the course of their workday. It is easy to get distracted and indulge in time-consuming activities. If you are watching a tutorial on youtube, it is easy to click on a viral video from suggestions and end up spending hours on it. But a few minutes of distractions can disrupt the productivity of a developer. When a developer enters a flow state while programming, he or she performs at their maximum productivity. Distractions can hinder this state and destroy all the productive momentum created by the developer. Minimizing distractions is of utmost importance for developers.

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2. Take regular breaks

Although this may sound counterproductive, taking breaks regularly can be the key to increased productivity. As mentioned earlier, programming is an activity that requires intense focus and attention. No person normally can sit in front of their computer and code productively for hours at a time. Their focus will become relaxed and distractions may creep in. These distractions could end up consuming hours if left unchecked. That is why it is important to take regular breaks before your concentration starts to wander off. You could take a few minutes off, get recharged, and start another productive session of development.

3. Schedule tasks in advance

Knowing what to do ahead can significantly improve the productivity of developers. Programming is a highly systematic process. There is a clear path to follow in every process. Developers like to follow that methodical approach to how they work also. Scheduling tasks in advance gives them a clear path to follow. They can designate tasks to different times during the day and progress according to their preference. You can use Desklog Project Management Software to schedule tasks for developers. You can set the allocated time and priority of the tasks. This will help developers to pace their workday accordingly and complete tasks systematically.

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4. Automate repetitive tasks

There can be a lot of repetitive tasks involved in the development process. Performing all of them manually can be time-consuming and often mundane for a developer. Tasks such as minimization, image optimization, auto-prefixing, unit testing, code linting, file optimization, etc can be easily automated. This will save considerable amounts of time in the development process and improve the productivity of developers.

5. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is one of the most counterproductive things a developer can do during his workday. Development is not something that can be done well through multitasking. The development process demands to be the sole center of attention of the developer. Multitasking can be counterproductive and seriously harm the productivity of the developer. Multitasking is also found to be damaging to your brain. And as a developer, you will need your brain to be functioning at its max capacity.

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6. Track working hours

Developers can often be caught up in different activities throughout the day that they forget how many hours they exactly spend working. When developers can see how their time is spent, they will become more productive by eliminating possible distractions and time-consuming practices. This can also be very helpful for freelancers as they can track time spent on various projects and bill clients accordingly. Desklog is a comprehensive Time Tracking Software for developers. You can track the time spent on different projects and tasks. Time spent away from their computer in meetings or discussions can also be noted. Work done when there is no internet connectivity is also tracked.

7. Learn new skills

It may sound comfortable to do the same things over and over and not expand your domains and skills. But working on the same tech for a long time can get boring for developers. The passion goes out the window and the whole process that once filled you with excitement can seem mundane. Developing is an intense process and developers spend the vast majority of their day sitting in front of a computer and working on projects. It helps if their projects are interesting and exciting. Learning new skills will also improve the career prospectus of the developer. So developers need to keep learning new skills and working on new projects to maintain their productivity.

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8. Optimize your tools and devices

Using the latest tools and devices can improve the efficiency of the whole development process and the productivity of the developer. Development tools are growing and becoming more feature-rich every day. To support these and develop the latest features, devices are certain specifications may be required. There are many tools out there that can ease the workload from the developer’s shoulder. Providing your developers access to these can optimize their workflow. The latest tools and devices will help developers in many ways and significantly improve their productivity.

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The development process is a complicated and time-consuming activity. Developers need to be at their productive best to perform at their full potential. Here we have listed out the 8 effective tactics for improving developer’s productivity.

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