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How Desklog Time Tracking software suits Teams, Employers and Freelancers

September 22, 2021

Employers everywhere are always on the lookout for new ways to improve the productivity of their workers. Employee monitoring software is used in companies all over the world to quantify the work hours and level of productivity of employees. Desklog is one of the most popular employee time tracking software available today. It is used by teams, employees, and freelancers alike. Advanced features like automatic time tracking, attendance management, absence calendar, offline time tracking, idle time tracking, etc make Desklog the perfect choice for tracking employees. Let’s have a look at how Desklog time tracking software suits teams, employees, and freelancers.

Desklog for Teams

Desklog for Teams

Teams can often feel overwhelmed with their work and deadlines. This may be due to a lack of organization in the workflow. The project management and time tracking features of Desklog can help teams effectively manage projects and tasks.

When teams have the option to review all the activities performed throughout the day, they can easily locate time-consuming practices and start taking measures to improve. Break times can be scheduled effectively to not affect the workflow and provide proper rest for employees. Employees can analyze their work practices in depth using Desklog and make changes where improvements are due.

The whole workflow automatically becomes more transparent while using employee monitoring software. Employees can follow the progress in tasks easily. It will let them know which tasks are being completed in or before time, and which tasks are running late. No tasks will be left unattended as there are clear records of all activities.

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Desklog automatically elevates the accountability of employees. As they know they have to report hours spent on tasks, employees will be more attentive in their work. Uneven distribution of projects and tasks, working additional hours regularly, having excessive responsibilities, and having not enough breaks can severely hinder the productivity of employees. All of this can be avoided with the effective use of employee time tracking software like Desklog.

Some employees often take too much time to finish their tasks. This can be due to them taking up more responsibilities than required or they want to make their work perfect. Desklog data can be used to set up the perfect team for a project based on requirements, identify possible obstructions and enhance the overall team performance.

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Desklog for Employers

Desklog for Employers

Employers always want to keep an eye on what their workers are doing. It is important to make sure that employees are not slacking away their work hours in the office. Desklog offers a way for employers to monitor the work done by their employees without any hassle.

Employee time tracking software can eliminate the need to micromanage employees. Moreover, employees today do not like being micromanaged. They like to work without having someone hover over their shoulders all the time. Desklog eliminates such complexities and employers can get accurate information about their employees during work hours without irritating them or hindering their productivity.

Companies traditionally use lengthy timesheets to keep track of the ins and outs of employees. This is a tiresome process and can often be error-prone. Managing the attendance of employees in big organizations is often very difficult. Employee time tracking software can reduce all these problems and handle all attendance management processes with ease.

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Scheduling and planning are important aspects of every company today. Deadlines and targets must be properly set. The right team has to be chosen according to the requirements of the project. Employers can make use of Desklog’s reports and project management features to effectively plan and schedule projects. The setting of deadlines and allocation of tasks can be done using the Desklog’s project management. The data from Desklog reports can be used to select the team requirements for the project.

The whole payroll process can also be optimized using employee time tracking software. Calculating payroll can consume a lot of time and resources in the company. There are also probabilities for errors during manual calculations. Desklog can provide employers with all the accurate data needed for payroll calculation and streamline the whole process.

Employee time tracking software brings out the best in employees. As they know their activities in the workplace are being monitored, they will be at their best professional behavior. This can improve the overall productivity and profitability of the company.

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Desklog for Freelancers

Desklog for Freelancers

Time and productivity tracking are of prime importance for freelancers. There is no one else to plan and schedule their projects and motivate them to do their work. They have to be more organized and well planned than anyone else to succeed as a freelancer.

Often there is not much direct communication between freelancers and clients. Most conversations occur through texts or calls. So it is difficult for clients to actively follow the work progress. Freelancers must properly document the project progress and the time taken to accomplish tasks. All this can be useful when billing the client as there is proof of the time spent on the project. With Desklog’s project management features, freelancers can make sure that they are paid accordingly by their clients.

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As freelancers often work remotely, they are more prone to distractions. If working hours are tracked, it will result in freelancers becoming more productive as they know where their time is going. Desklog can show them the time spent on different websites and apps. Users can label apps and websites as productive and non-productive. So the time spent on productive apps will be labeled as productive time and the time spent on non-productive apps will be labeled idle time.

Freelancers usually handle multiple projects at once. Juggling around different projects simultaneously can be difficult for anyone. Desklog can help bring order to an otherwise chaotic work schedule of freelancers. They can easily assign deadlines, track progress, and handle multiple projects effectively.

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In Summary

Here we have taken a look at the different use cases for Desklog employee time and productivity tracking software among teams, employers, and freelancers. Its advanced features and easy usability makes Desklog the perfect time tracker for any situation. Boost the productivity and profitability of your organization with the leading time and productivity tracking software today.

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