My Settings are Disabled. How to Change Settings?

My settings are disabled. How to change settings? Accounts with admin rights will be able to change settings like adding app categories, screenshot settings, work schedules, etc. To have access, contact your admin or account owner.

How to Edit Team Settings?

How to edit team settings? From the dashboard, under Register, click on teams. Go to the dashboard and click on the “teams” option located under the “Register”. You can find the list of all the teams listed on the appeared … Continued

How to Add a New Category Under App Categories?

How to add a new category under app categories? Click on App Categories under Settings menu, you will find different app categories like Email apps, Social Media apps, Office apps, Entertainment apps, News apps etc. Also, on the top right … Continued

How to Change the Productivity Status of Any Application?

How to change the productivity status of any application? Only the admin or the Desklog account owner can change the productivity status of an application. Go to settings of the application and you can find different categories of applications like … Continued

How to do API Integration in Desklog?

API Where you get API ? You can find Desklog API integration from Desklog ->Settings ->Integration Base Url: App key: You can collect app key from Desklog ->Settings ->Integration –>Desklog Api Integration –> Activate Ping GET: EXAMPLE … Continued

How Desklog Integrations works?

1.What can I have with integration? With integrations, you will be able to integrate with external project management software like Jira and also have the option to integrate with Amazon S3 storage service. These integrations will help you to enhance … Continued

How To Delete a Company?

To delete your account, follow the steps provided below. From the Admin Dashboard, go to settings. Select general settings. You can see a couple of options from where you have to click on ‘Accounts’. Now, you have to click on … Continued

How to Restrict IP addresses?

To restrict certain IP addresses, First access the Dashboard settings and select the Modules option. From modules select ‘IP Restriction’ from the available options. To add the necessary IP addresses, right-click on the “Add IP” button. Fill in the columns … Continued

How To Enable Web Timer?

To enable Web Timer, Login to the Admin Dashboard and select Modules. From Modules select Tracking. On the Tracking page, There will be two options, Desklog App and Web timer. To enable tracking, please select the “Web Timer” option instead … Continued

How Can You Configure Work hours?

Work hours can be configured as follows: NB: All the changes can only be done by Admins. Go to ‘Settings’ under ‘Admin Dashboard ‘and select ‘Working Hours’. You can see two sections namely ‘Working Days’ and ‘Tracking Days’. In Working … Continued