How to Download Project Timesheet?

From the Admin dashboard, go to ‘Project’, Select ‘Project Timesheet’ from the drop down. Then select the date range you want to download. Get the summary of the project by clicking on the ’Summary’ button. Click on the ‘Export’ button … Continued

My Settings are Disabled. How to Change Settings?

My settings are disabled. How to change settings? Accounts with admin rights will be able to change settings like adding app categories, screenshot settings, work schedules, etc. To have access, contact your admin or account owner.

API Integration in Desklog

API Where you get API ? You can find Desklog API integration from Desklog ->Settings ->Integration Base Url: App key: You can collect app key from Desklog ->Settings ->Integration –>Desklog Api Integration –> Activate Ping GET: EXAMPLE … Continued

Enable /Disable Project Settings

To edit project settings, From the Admin Dashboard, Navigate to “Settings”, select “Projects”. From Projects, select the “Project Analysis”. From Projects, select the “Project Analysis”. Enable or disable the project setting to manage project and task related analysis for users.

How to Edit Team Settings?

How to edit team settings? From the dashboard, under Register, click on teams. Go to the dashboard and click on the “teams” option located under the “Register”. You can find the list of all the teams listed on the appeared … Continued

Calculate Efficiency

How to Calculate Efficiency? Employee efficiency is calculated in %. A high efficiency percentage indicates that a significant portion of the time spent at work is being used productively, while a lower efficiency percentage suggests that there may be inefficiencies, … Continued

Calculate Activity Percentage in Desklog

Calculate Employee Activity in Percentage: Activity percentage is a metric used to measure the level of engagement or interaction of a user with a computer or software application. It is calculated by determining the percentage of time during which keyboard … Continued

Work Schedule in Desklog

How to Add a shift Managers can add shifts from their Desklog admin dashboard. Go to the Timesheet menu from the Admin Dashboard and select ‘Work Schedule’. Click on the ‘Add Schedule’ option from the top right corner. All the … Continued

Screenshot Capturing

Desklog starts capturing screenshots at frequent intervals once the app is installed on your OS. 1. Where to find the recorded or captured screen? You can access the captured screenshots from the ‘Activity menu’ in the dashboard. From there select … Continued

Enable / Disable Wen Timer

You can set users as web timer or Desklog app at the time of inviting a team to Desklog. Now if you have not, you can set it from the dashboard. For this, go to ‘Settings’ from the dashboard and … Continued