Web Timer Works

“Web Timer” feature is accessible to all free users. If you fall under the category of a free user or currently do not have any active plan, you may utilize the Web Timer as follows. For accessing the web Timer, … Continued

Timesheet Works

Click on the Timesheet menu and click on ‘Overview’. This menu shows an overall view of your team’s work hours. The details include: Clock In: Employee entry time Clock Out: Employee exit time Early Entry: Entry of an employee before … Continued

Leave Management Works

Login to Desklog time tracking software and open your dashboard. On the left side of the dashboard you can see a menu called Leaves. Click on that and you can view the sub-menus like Calendar, Approval, Report, and configuration to … Continued

How to view the reports of the team or user?

1.How to view the reports of the team or user? How to View the App Usage Details of an User? To view the app details of the user or the team, click on the “Activity” main menu from the Dashboard. … Continued

Calculate Productivity

Desklog tracks productivity by considering your productive time by calculating time spent on productive & non-productive apps and URLs. Desklog now tracks your productivity more precisely by detecting productive app usage with non-productive URL visits, and vice versa. So, please … Continued

Productivity Tracking Working at Admin Side

Productivity Tracking at Admin Side Dashboard On Dashboard menu on the left panel, Admin will be able to view the following details as shown in the below screenshot. Leave: The number of employees on leave. Attended: The number of employees … Continued

Add Company Profile

Go to “Settings” on the left-hand side. Click on “General Settings.” Select “Company Information” and provide details like company name, tagline, address, phone number, email, and currency. Click the “Update” button to save the changes. Social Profile To set the … Continued

Change the Timezone in Desklog

Navigate to “Settings” on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Click on “Working Hours.” Choose “Time Zone” and select the desired timezone. Click “Apply to All Users” if you want the change to apply universally.

Delete a Company Profile

To delete your account, follow the steps provided below. From the Admin Dashboard, go to settings. Select general settings. You can see a couple of options from where you have to click on ‘Accounts’. Now, you have to click on … Continued

Add a New App Category ?

Go to “Settings” on the left-hand side. Click on “App Categories.” Here you can see the complete app details used by the employees. Also, on the top right corner, the Add New Categories button is available with which you can … Continued