How Desklog Timesheet Works?

Click on the Timesheet menu to view the three sub-menus like Overview, Time Request, and Work Schedule for accurate tracking & management of employee work hours and tasks.


Information on employees regarding clock-in, clock-out, total work time, and productive time is provided.

Attendance Report

As shown in the above screenshot, it displays the clock-in, clock-out, time at work, and productive time of all the employees. This also shows if an employee arrives or departs earlier or later than the designated work start & end time.

The above screenshot displays the below details:

  • Clock In: Employee entry time.
  • Clock Out: Employee exit time.
  • Time At Work: Total time spent by an employee at work.
  • Productive Time: Total productive time spent at work.
  • Time Request: In the event of an emergency or official meeting, employees can utilize this menu to request that the time be marked as productive.
  • Attendance Report

  • Request Date: The date when the request was submitted.
  • Requested Type: The type of request like offline or idle.
  • Time Range: The overall duration of the request.
  • Action: The request response, such as approve or reject.

  • Work Schedule

    With this menu, it is possible to manage the work schedules of all employees with flexibility. You can assign different shifts to each employee based on their work hours, and this information can be downloaded.

    Work Schedule

    Click on Add schedule button on the top to manage shift

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