How Can You Configure Work hours?

Work hours can be configured as follows: NB: All the changes can only be done by Admins. Go to ‘Settings’ under ‘Admin Dashboard ‘and select ‘Working Hours’. You can see two sections namely ‘Working Days’ and ‘Tracking Days’. In Working … Continued

How to Add Personal Details ?

How to add Personal Details and Change Password? From the User dashboard, click on your name in the top right corner. Select “My Profile” from the dropdown menu. In the profile section, you can add your name, the team you … Continued

How to Change Password?

Click on your name in the top right corner. Choose “My Profile” from the menu. In the top right corner of the profile section, find and click on “Change Password.” A dialog box will appear for changing your password. Enter … Continued

How to Upload My Profile Photo?

You can upload your photo in the profile section. Click on your name on the top right corner. Select “My Profile” from the menu. Click the circular photo area in your profile and upload your preferred profile photo.

How to set hourly and monthly pay rates for a user?

This process can only be done by the admins In the left-hand menu, click on “Register.” From the dropdown list, choose “User.” Select a specific user from the provided list. Now, click on “Invoice and Billing.” Input the necessary monthly … Continued

How can a user add a task?

Navigate to the “My Tasks” section in the left corner of the screen. Enter the task name and project name in the respective fields. Click on the “Add +” button to create and save the task.

How can a user apply for leave in the calendar?

Go to the “Absence Calendar” section in the left corner of the screen. Choose the date and month you need from the calendar. Enter the “Away Time Type” (Casual Leave, Medical Leave, or Unpaid Leave), specify the duration (Full Day … Continued

How to change the Timezone of a particular user?

Only Admins can change time zones of users. Go to the “Register” section on the left-hand side. Select “User” from the drop down list. Click on a specific user in the provided list. Next, select “Timezone” from the list. Choose … Continued

How To Apply a Leave Using Desklog Leave Management Feature ?

Find the Absence Calender Section On dashboard Select the date on which leave to be applied, and click on it Fill out the leave form and click save Admin can Approve/ Reject applied leave on their dashboard

How to Setup Desklog?

Step 1 Open the Desklog home page and click on the “Start Free” button as shown in the below screenshot. This will redirect to the registration form and enter the following details to sign up as shown in the below … Continued