How Can You Configure Work hours?

Work hours can be configured as follows:

NB: All the changes can only be done by Admins.

Go to ‘Settings’ under ‘Admin Dashboard ‘and select ‘Working Hours’. You can see two sections namely ‘Working Days’ and ‘Tracking Days’.

In Working Days, you can specify which days of the week are to be included in the tracking process. Any days that are not selected will be excluded from the tracking. You can enter the starting and stopping time of work and minimum hours to work in the space provided for each.

There is an option to enable or disable flexible working hours. If enabled, you cannot enter starting and ending time but instead it tracks when you start working.

When enabled, the system automatically tracks when you start working, without requiring the input of start and end times. Click on update to save your changes.

In Tracking days, you can select the days you want to be tracked,

Tracking starts, Tracking ends. Click on update to save changes.

Track time configuration:

You can configure time tracking by selecting the type under’ select type’ as ‘productive time or time at work.’

Time at work configuration:

To configure your work time, you may choose the appropriate type from the ‘Select Type’ option. This includes the option to select either ‘Time at Work and Idle Time’ or ‘Time at Work Only’.

Change Time Zone:

To select your working time zone, choose the relevant time zone option. Additionally, you may choose the ‘Apply to all users’ option. Once your selections have been made, click on the ‘Update’ button to apply the changes.

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