How Leave Management Software Works?

Login to Desklog productivity tracking software and open your dashboard. On the left side of the dash board you can see a menu called Leave Management.

Click on the Leave Management menu to view the sub-menus like Absence Calendar, Leave Approval, Leave Report, and Leave configuration to manage the attendance tracking system.

  • Absence Calendar
  • Leave Approval
  • Leave Report
  • Leave Configuration

  • Absence Calendar

    Click on the Absence Calendar sub-menu to view and apply leaves or to add away time for the team or to any specific employee.

    Also, the admin can view the leave history of employees on a monthly/weekly basis.

    Click on the space as highlighted in the screenshot and it opens up the add away time dialog box to add the away time as shown in the below screenshot.

    Enter the following details as shown in the screenshot

  • Away Time Type: Select the away time type
  • Description: Enter the leave details
  • From Date: Select the From Date of the leave (away time)
  • To Date: Select the To Date of the leave (away time)
  • Click on the save button to add the away time for the specific week or any day(s) of the week against each employee.

    Leave Approval

    This feature Enables employees to raise leave requests in just a few steps.

    Approve/Reject requested leaves

    Leave Report

    Generate Monthly/Yearly leave reports

    Leave Report

    Leave Configuration

    Admin can add / set up maximum number of leaves allowed for an individual/team/all employees

    Leave Configuration

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