How Desklog Productivity Tracking Working at Admin Side?

Productivity Tracking at Admin Side


On Dashboard menu on the left panel, Admin will be able to view the following details as shown in the below screenshot.

Productivity Tracking at Admin Side

Leave: The number of employees on leave.

Attended: The number of employees attended.

Online: The number of employees available online.

Work Report: A pie chart representing worked time and idle time.

Productivity Graph: The Productivity Graph shows the combined graph of productive, neutral, non-productive time spent by all the users during hourly time intervals.

Efficiency Tracker: Efficiency is measured by comparing the amount of productive time to the total time at work.

Activity Tracker: Activity is the percentage of keyboard and mouse strokes during the total tracked time.

The list of employees who fall under the following categories is displayed.

  • Most Productive
  • Most Unproductive
  • Most Effective
  • Most Offline Time Logged
  • Late
  • Absence

The list of apps which fall under the following categories is displayed

  • Productive apps
  • Neutral apps
  • Nonproductive apps
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