Web Timer

Web Timer

Tick-Tock your way to success with Desklog Task Timer

A web timer tracks your working hours manually without installing any Apps. Desklog provides a free task timer along with the web timer to track unlimited projects and tasks.

Better time management

Improved goal setting

Increased motivation

Better collaboration

Track Your Time For Free

A web timer makes it simple to manage time by allowing you to track your time for free and manually. So, the user will have control over when to begin, stop, and take a break from the task. Our task timer is exceptionally designed to handle your workload to simplify time management & accomplish your work goals efficiently.

  1. Unlimited Users
  2. Unlimited Tracking
  3. No Apps Required
  4. Work/Task Timeline

How does a Task Timer work?

The task timer helps users track the time spent on specific tasks. To use the timer, users can choose the task or project they want to work on and start the timer. The timer can be paused and restarted as needed, and the software records the total time spent on each task. This helps users keep track of their productivity and ensures accurate billing for hourly work.

How Task Timer Helps to Harmonious Workspace

  • Performance Tracking
    Task timers boost productivity by tracking performance, identifying areas for improvement, and promoting efficient task completion.
  • Task Evaluation
    Individuals are able to evaluate their work, identify areas for improvement, and adjust their workflow accordingly.
  • Enhance Efficiency
    By promoting efficient work habits, task timers help individuals stay focused & finish tasks within designated timeframes, thus enhancing productivity.

Desklog Task Timer VS Desklog App

Desklog Task Timer Desklog App
Tracking Automated time tracking Manual time tracking
Convenience Accessible on mobile device & system Not accessible on mobile device
Accuracy Not prone to error Prone to error
Features Limited Features Advanced features available