Insightful Employee Monitoring Software Review (formerly Workpuls )

April 26, 2022

Insightful employee monitoring software is a program that has all the features and tools needed to keep track of employee productivity and activity. Launched in 2016, Insightful today has a good number of users and innovative features. This blog is aimed at providing a quick review and take on the features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, system requirements, installation procedures, and alternatives to Insightful.

What is Insightful Employee Monitoring Software or Workpuls?

Workupls, now known as Insightful employee monitoring software is a program that can monitor user activities, track time, and graph their productivity levels all from the background of their desktop. Moreover, this software can take screenshots, track time consumed on each app or project, and do a lot more for project management and also for efficient timekeeping.

Insightful Employee Monitoring Software Review

Workpuls has relaunched as insightful employee monitoring software, offering to collaborate with fresh concepts for productivity software development. Though there haven’t been many modifications to the software’s functions, there has been a change in the manner it likes to brand itself around its users. Here is a quick review of how this time tracking software works for its users

Features of Insightful (Workpuls)

Automatic Time Capture

Insightful can track the productive and nonproductive hours spent by an employee on their desktop. This tracking happens in the background without any inconvenience to the user.

Secure Employee Data

Insightful have both Cloud-based solutions and on-premise solutions to store your important customer data.

Screenshot Monitoring

Through its screenshot monitoring feature, Insightful allows companies to monitor employee activity and bring more transparency to their work and productivity. Screenshots can be configured in the following ways.

  • Automatic screenshots
  • Manual screenshots
  • Customized screenshots

Productivity Trend Analysis

Track and point out the change in the overall productivity of the organization.

Project and Task Tracking

Tracks the progress of each task and understands weak and strong elements in the project cycle, thereby helping to better strategies project cycle in the future.

Payroll Calculation

The Payroll calculation feature gives the accurate calculation of pay that the employees deserve according to the normal and overtime hours they worked productively.

Offline Time Tracking and Overtime Calculation

Offline Time tracking helps to know the time employees were not at the desk during office hours. Insightful can provide accurate measurement of overtime hours worked by the employees.

A dashboard that shows real-time insights

Insightful shows real-time data on the number of employees, currently active/offline, and unproductive employees.

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Benefits of Using Insightful Employee Monitoring Software

  • Insightful are simple to set up and use.
  • It has very few issues while working in the background of your network.
  • Provides a well-summarized productivity report.
  • Well-developed automation features.
  • Generate daily, weekly, and monthly productivity reports.
  • Good customer support- Phone & online.
  • With a few clicks, managers can get their hands on many employee productivity-related information.
  • Insightful claims to be highly customizable.

Issues with Insightful Employee Monitoring Software

Though Insightful provides a free trial, it does not provide a free version. Also Unlike many other employee tracking software, Insightful does not have features such as

  • Remote access /Control
  • Mobile deployment and support
  • In-Person Training
  • Project Management Feature
  • Shift Scheduling and management Features

Even Though Insightful has a cost advantage as compared to its competitors, many of the features are missing in Insightful that many of its users would require. Whereas time tracking software like Desklog and Time Doctor has more features than Insightful. Desklog actually has more features than Insightful and charges a lesser cost for its time tracking software.

Is it Possible To Cheat Insightful?

Is it possible to cheat time tracking software like Insightful?

For cunning employees, there are always creative methods to cheat the time tracking software. Some of the ways are as follows

  • Attaching a battery-operated toy to the computer’s mouse
  • By using two monitors
  • Manipulating Clock in and Clock out time
  • By estimating intervals in which screenshot is taken
  • Through Manipulating the code of the time tracking software

Who Benefits from Using Insightful?

Insightful work best for all small, medium, and large scale businesses and enterprises with the following situations

  • Enterprises that lag in productivity
  • Companies that deal with highly confidential work processes need strong monitoring of employee integrity.
  • Businesses that have complex or hard-to-manage project management or development cycles.
  • Companies that are hybrid or have remote working employees

Insightful Time Tracking Software review in terms of System Requirements

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop
  • Insightful do not have mobile support

Devices Supported

Server requirements for other time tracking software like Desklog are much lesser than that of World.

  • Linux-based (runs best on Ubuntu Server)
  • 4 CPUs (High compared to average server requirement for time tracking software )
  • 12 GB RAM ( High compared to average server requirement for time tracking software)


  • Light on bandwidth — dependant on user activity and configuration
  • 100kb every 10 minutes (without screenshots)
  • Demands 50 – 450kb per screenshot (with automated screenshots activation)


  • Modest storage requirement – Depends on user behavior
  • 500GB (SSD Preferred)

Insightful Demo

Insightful allows its users to experience its features in advance. But its Demo can be accessed only through filing a registration field as shown below.

How to Download, Install, and Set Up Insightful employee monitoring software

Step 1: Create an account on the sign-up page


Step 2: Next you will be asked to fill in details of the Company and employees

For tracking on-premises employees who work on company-owned computers choose the Company Computers option.

Know more about On-premise

Step 3: Fill in and configure the tracking settings on a company level. Different settings for different teams and employees can be given.

Step 4: Add employees and Download the install file


Ways Insightful stores data

Insightful has both Cloud and on-premise, solutions to store data. For cloud-based solutions, Insightful claims to have a fast, easy setup that does not require any technical equipment. On-premise setup is also made available for companies that have the needed technical support and servers.

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Insightful employee monitoring Software is definitely a good employee monitoring software. It has quite good tools and features to track employee productivity and activity. But Insightful also lags behind in having many features that other employee tracking software promises to provide. It also has a larger system requirement. Overall Insightful is a quality product for companies to purchase to level up their productivity. But comparing it wisely with other alternatives to Insightful is always a wise way to choose.

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