Toxic Productivity

What is Toxic Productivity – Top Signs & Psychology.

August 25, 2022

Toxic productivity is an obsession to be productive which has no or little regard for work-life balance, physical or mental health, and social relationships. While healthy productivity can bring happiness and capitalize as a strength for the future, toxic productivity will hurt and exhaust individuals eventually. So what are the signs that show you are suffering from toxic productivity? Here is a good blog to explain all of it to you.

What is Toxic Productivity?

Toxic Productivity is the practice of being productive to limits that compromise the physical health or mental well-being of individuals. Such productivity has a pattern of exhausting the individuals eventually. People who practice toxic productivity are observed later to go down in their capacity to be productive due to having to deal with negative feelings on a daily basis .

What are the signs that you are suffering from toxic productivity?

Most of the time, one may not realize one’s productivity is toxic. Toxic productivity can have dangerous consequences for relationships outside work as well as on the physical and mental health of individuals. Here is a list of factors that shows signs of toxic productivity in you:

You are constantly guilty about productivity even after working hard

Guilty about productivity even after working hard

Self loathing even after working hard is toxic!

Having a clear understanding of one’s strengths and capabilities is important for being productive. This can help you to decide what tasks are manageable for you in a day.

Therefore, You shouldn’t push yourself beyond your limits. Your limits need to be broadened in a healthy way by adding up to your routine small manageable tasks.

Self-love is important and it is significant that you nurture more of it in a healthy way. The right way of practicing self-love is by incorporating productivity and self-discipline in small doses of manageable tasks.

self love in productivity

You feel abnormally tired and drained out of energy

Exhausting yourself to extreme limits at work can be toxic to your life outside work. It can make you left with no energy to have a life outside work. Which can make you feel depressed about life.

Toxic Productivity has serious health implications such as the risk of depression, poor sleep, risk of heart disease, and more.
Toxic productivity makes you tired

Success always feels meaningless in toxic productivity

Success feels meaningless

Another important sign of unhealthy productivity is that your success always feels meaningless to you.

It is important that we celebrate our small wins and appreciate ourselves.
In fact, Acknowledging and celebrating the little wins will motivate you to live life better and lift your self-esteem

Not taking breaks

It is part of toxic productivity to work without taking any breaks. But it is a dumb thing to do that reaps no fruit.

Research tells us that taking breaks can improve attention and reduce stress at work.
Therefore it is important that you take breaks between work which can increase the quality or levels of output.

involves working without break

You have no life outside work

No life outside work

Doing good at work alone can’t make you happy. But this is something most people end up doing in the false sense of being productive. It is important that you find time in your life for socializing, family, hobbies, and games.

Your expectations are unrealistic

Having unrealistic expectations can make you feel left behind and worthless. Even when you are performing well, this can lower your self-confidence. Such negative feelings about self can disrupt your mental health and negatively impact your productivity in the long run.

Toxic productivity involves unrealistic expectations

Key Takeaways

  • Unrealistic expectations make you feel left behind & worthless
  • Your self-confidence goes down
  • Negative feelings of self-loathing will make you exhausted
  • Exhaustion will make you less productive
  • Working Overtime

    You might get rewarded well for working overtime and such appreciation could make you feel like you are doing good at work. But getting rewarded or appreciated for working overtime encourages you to be productive in a toxic way.

    Therefore do not fall into the trap of working overtime and pull out its toxicity into your life which robes you out of personal time, mental and physical health, and much more.

    Working overtime is toxic productivity

    Only wanting to do work that is meaningful

    Sometimes you need to spend time in meaningless ways as well!

    Only agreeing to do productive and meaningful tasks can exhaust you in the long run.
    Chilling out, playing games, watching a series, reading memes and every other thing you do to chill out are equally important to live a healthy and happy life. Therefore let go of your anxiety and do things that are meaningless at times, just to make your good hormones roll and feel better.

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    Working without a time tracker

    Working long hours without a sense of time can make you feel burned out but with no output. This is a very frustrating feeling to have that can bring a huge sense of disappointment that can lead to lower self-esteem. Therefore as individuals, it is important to parallelly run a time tracker and employers need to implement employee monitoring software to make employees have a sense of time and productivity when they work.

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    Toxic productivity is a real thing, and it can creep up on you before you know it!
    If you’re feeling constantly overwhelmed, stressed out, and never satisfied with how much you work, take a step back and assess whether your current work habits are healthy or harmful.In summary, this article has aimed to give you some signs to look out for in the signs & psychology of toxic productivity

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