How Clockify Works?

March 10, 2023

Gone are the days where employee tracking was just about keeping an eye on your employees. Today, tracking your time can do wonders for your productivity and your company’s growth.

By tracking work hours, you can gain a deeper understanding of what tasks and projects are taking up the most time, and identify areas where you may need to make adjustments with an overall performance analysis. This information can be incredibly powerful when it comes to managing your workload and achieving your goals. Of course, tracking time isn’t always easy. But no worries! Because I am here to help.

Clockify is one among them. As its tagline says, it is one the most popular time trackers for teams. This blog is a comprehensive review of How clockify works. We also reviewed Clockify pricing, detailed how to use Clockify, and analyzed whether the software is up to the mark.

What is Clockify?

Clockify is a time tracking software that tracks the time spent, projects, and tasks to help companies stay on track and under budget. It is a simple and user-friendly tool that tracks every minute you spend during working hours. It is a tool that helps you reduce distractions, save time, and ensure better planning, prioritization, and support from the management team.Let’s look at the features provided by them

Let’s look at the features provided by them.

Clockify Features

Clockify, like other time tracking softwares comes packed with a plethora of features. But what sets it apart from the rest?

Let’s look into some of the exciting features of Clockify.

Time Tracker

Time tracker helps you to track time using a stopwatch, edit and add hours manually. It also tracks worked hours and makes it accurate for billing. Further, it helps continue tracking time within one click.


This feature lets you log in with a pin code with shared devices. It records all the activities, including the location from where you have logged in, tracks how much you have worked, and the breaks you have taken.


It tracks time spent on each project, project progress to ensure the project is on track, and project budget to ensure the project stays within the budget.

Clockify keeps tabs on the time you spend on each project, tracks your progress to ensure you’re on schedule, and tracks your budget to make sure you stay within your financial limits, all to help you achieve your goals efficiently.


Invoices can be issued based on the tracked time, expenses, and hourly rates. In addition, you can import time, edit invoices, download reports and send it to the clients, customize notes, and record and invoice fixed fees.

Track Expenses

Clockify allows you to record project expenses, track and keep records by sum or unit by defining each expense type, attach expense receipts, and analyze and export expenses.

How to set up Clockify

Setting up an account in Clockify is as easy as pie. You can sign up from their website with the URL

The first step is to head to the Clockify home screen and click the “Sign up free” button. Once you’re there, you’ll be prompted to enter your email and create a password. Don’t forget to check the “I agree” box.

You have the option to either sign up for a free account or continue with Google. You can choose your preferred language before creating an account. Once you’re all set, simply click “Create a free account,” and you’ll be directly taken into the new version you have created.

Clockify Pricing

Clockify offers four pricing plans.

The basic plan with USD 3.99 per user per month if billed annually and USD 4.99 if billed monthly. This plan provides all the free features like Adding time for others, Hide time & pages, Required fields, Bulk editing, Decimal format, Time audit, Customize export, Project templates, Historical rates, Edit profiles, Import time, Kiosk PIN, and Breaks.

The standard plan with USD 5.49 per user/month billed annually or $6.99 if billed monthly. This plan provides additional features like; Time off, Invoicing, Approval, Lock time, Targets & reminders, Manager role, Task rates, Rounding, QuickBooks integration, and a Customized kiosk along with the basic plan features.

The Pro plan, which is the most popular among these plans, is available for $7.99 per user/month billed annually and $9.99 if billed monthly. Together with the standard features, this plan provides some added features like Scheduling, Forecasting, Expenses, Labor cost & profit, Budget & estimates, Custom fields, User fields, Email reports, Assignment reports, Alerts, Force timer, GPS tracking, Screenshots, Data region.

And last comes the Enterprise plan for $11.99 per user/month billed annually and $14.99 if billed monthly. This plan includes all the features of Pro plan counting with Single sign-on (SSO), Custom subdomain, Control accounts, and Audit log.

Clockify Alternative

Are you Seeking for an Alternative?

Clockify is, of course, one of the best time tracking software, but it lacks some features which led people to go for its alternatives. A viable substitute should possess all the characteristics that were absent in the previous one.

No worries, we have the perfect alternative to look at. ‘Desklog.’

Desklog is a time tracking software with automated tracking features ideal for tracking office workers, remote workers, and freelancers. It offers an effortless and comprehensive alternative for managing productivity and tracking site and app usage. Obtain adequate project tracking, reporting, secure time tracking, and much more with Desklog’s advanced features.

Automated Time Tracking

This feature automatically lets you track the total work hours, Clock in & Clock Out time, idle time, offline time, and productive and non-productive hours with real-time analysis and reports.

Project Time Tracking

Desklog’s project time tracking allows a seamless workflow with efficient project management. This tool analyzes project performance and evaluates the profit and loss of each project while encouraging effective project completion.

Automated Timesheet

Desklog timesheet tracks and records the time spent during work, and which task they are working on. It is a comprehensive report of your time at work, time spent on tasks, productive time, idle time, and private time.

Billing & Invoice

Desklog billing & invoice allows you to automatically generate invoices by tracking productive work hours. This feature makes it easy for managers or authorized ones to pay freelancers and outsourcers more accurately and easily, making the invested money effective.

Time Request

Time request feature can request an idle, offline time to make it productive for you away time, carrying out official work. Conversely, it also allows for converting productive time into non-productive time, as needed.

Desklog’s Pricing Plan

Desklog provides a free plan for unlimited users with basic features like Automated Time Tracking, Unlimited Projects, Project Time Tracking, Automated Timesheet, Idle Time Tracker, and Work/Task Timeline.

Then comes the Business plan for $ 3.5 per user per month. It includes all the basic features along with additional features, Project Task Timeline, Billing and Invoice, Time Request, Shift Management, Customised Reports, Data history up to 1 Year, App Categorization, App & URL Tracking, Optional Screenshot, Document Title Tracking, Document Title Tracking, Automatic Email Report, Managing Roles, IP Restriction, and Real Time Notifications. Up to 5 Teams

Desklog’s Enterprise plan is available for $ 4.5 per user per month. Along with the Business plan features, it provides Leave management, Biometric Integration, Unlimited Teams, Unlimited Data History, Remote Installation, Personalised onboarding, APIs, and Premium Support.View Desklog pricing

Why not take Desklog for a spin and see how it works? Check out the demo and experience firsthand how Desklog works.


Well, folks, that’s a wrap! This blog comprehensively reviews Clockify, how it works, how to set it up, and its pricing. It may be the right time tracking software for you. But you may need some additional features for the accurate tracking and managing your team.

If so, Desklog is the best alternative to look at. This tool aids in boosting productivity, while also providing insights into work practices and performance. Give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

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