10 Best Attendance Management Apps For Employees In 2024

Updated on January 8th, 2024

Employee attendance management used to be just about id cards and fingerprint verifications. But the nature of our work has evolved drastically in the last couple of years. Today, most companies follow a hybrid working model in which employees work remotely and in-office on different days. The job requirements of some employees also require them to spend their working hours outside the office. Attendance management is not something that can be done manually today. Attendance apps for employees are something every modern-day organization should have. These automate the whole process and limit the possibility of any errors. Let’s have a look at the 10 best attendance apps for employees in 2024.

1. Desklog

Desklog is a time and productivity management software with comprehensive employee attendance management features. Managers can track absences easily using detailed attendance reports. Away time of employees such as conferences, business trips, leaves, out of office work, etc can be managed using Desklog absence calendar. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available to analyze the ins and outs, attendance, total working hours, etc of employees.


App/URL tracking

Know which apps and websites your employees are using during their work hours.

Idle Time tracking

Track the time intervals in which your employees are inactive on their systems.

Offline Time Tracking

The work done by your employees even when there is no internet connection is properly tracked.

  • Automatic screenshots
  • Productivity Report
  • Document title tracking
  • Attendance Management
  • Shift Management
  • Absence Calendar
  • Offline Time Request
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2. Timely

Timely is an automatic time tracking software with attendance management features. It tracks every minute spent by your employees on the web or different apps. You can easily find the time spent on reports, meetings, emails, websites, and video conferences by your employees with zero effort. The software provides you a complete picture of your workday, monitors project hours, budgets, activities, and gives a complete overview of your team’s attendance, performance, and work hours.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Popular integrations
  • Automated notifications
  • Automatic timesheets
  • Custom reminders
  • Error detection

3. Avaza

Avaza is a unified work management software that can help you manage attendance in your organization. It helps your team to manage attendance, collaborate on multiple projects, communicate, plan supplies, track work hours, control expenses, invoice customers, and much more. It is used by over 60,000 businesses from 150+ countries. The app is remarkably user-friendly, and the interface is really easy-to-use. The customer service of Avaza has generally received rave reviews.


  • Project management
  • Resource scheduling
  • Avaza chat
  • Expense management
  • Quotes and invoices
  • Reports
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4. Calamari

Calamari is a dedicated leave tracking and employee attendance management app. It is used by leading companies in over 100 countries. The app is available in multiple languages including English, German, Polish, French, and Spanish to ease things for users. Calamari is perfect for companies with employees in multiple countries as it can handle the configuration of multiple countries in a single account. The system is cloud-based, so companies don’t need to have their own server infrastructure.


  • Absence calendar
  • Leave entitlement and accrual rules
  • Notifications
  • Approval flow
  • Integrations
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5. Zoho People

Zoho People is a cloud-based employee attendance management system. It aims to empower employees, swiftly adjust to changes, and make attendance management flexible and efficient. The app helps you optimize your HR activities, retain high-performing employees, and develop a streamlined workforce full of satisfied employees. Zoho People allows you to concentrate on the productivity of your workers while it accurately tracks the work hours and provides accurate reporting.


  • Scalable employee database
  • HR workflows
  • Shift scheduling
  • Detailed analytics
  • Business agility

6. Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard is a free online time clock for employee scheduling, time tracking, task management, and payroll reporting. The employee scheduling feature can be used to manage workers with non-linear hours, charges & compensations. The online time clock can be used to track the work hours of your employees accurately, manage absences, late arrivals, early checkouts, etc. Instant mail or SMS alerts can be set for both workers & managers. The app is used by over 100,000 businesses and 1 million+ employees all over the world.


  • Time tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Task management
  • Mobile apps
  • Payroll reporting
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7. Connecteam

Connecteam is an all-in-one employee attendance management solution for your organization. You can easily manage your employees and effectively communicate with them using the app. It is easy to use, customize and scale. Connecteam simplifies internal communication and keeps everyone on the same page. It helps turn sheets, texts, or even calls into completely automatic digital processes that can be accessed from any place at any time. You can track the work hours of employees on tasks, projects, clients, or shifts easily.


  • Process automation
  • Build custom reports
  • Automated limitations
  • In-app links
  • Onboarding customization
  • Multi-branch/location management

8. factoTime

factoTime is a free employee attendance management app with features such as punch with selfie, location, or, QR code, flexible timings, importable reporting, etc. The app caters to the changing attendance management needs of modern-day organizations. It provides an easy-to-use experience with real-time info available for any business interest. You can develop custom policies for different teams or locations and manage them on a single platform.


  • Punch + Selfie + Location
  • Keep Employee Records
  • Punch Using QR Code
  • Capture Location From Attendance
  • Punch only from a Registered Device
  • Day, Night, and Flexible Shifts / Work Timings

9. Timenotes

Timenotes is an attendance management app for all platforms with effective project management and reporting features. You can add and edit prior time logs with just a single click. The performance of your team can be analyzed effectively from the complete monthly timesheet. It integrates seamlessly with project management tools such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. Timenotes can also be synchronized across multiple devices.


  • Time Tracking
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Hourly rates and budget tracking
  • Unlimited projects and clients get tracking
  • Unlimited projects and clients

10. HoneybeeBase

honeybeeBase is a simple employee attendance management app with advanced features like time clock, task management, time-off tracking, and employee scheduling. Popular multinational corporations like Chevrolet, Shell, Mazda, HappySocks, etc use this platform to manage their employee attendance. It provides reliable and easy accounts of the hours worked by your employees. Employees can work from any permitted device. There are comprehensive weekly timesheets, spreadsheet data, and much more.


  • Time tracking
  • Task management
  • Time-off tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Training
  • Communication tools

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Winding up

These are the 10 best attendance management apps for employees in 2024. As the working hours and shifts of companies all over the world are becoming more and more flexible and hybrid, attendance management apps are a must-have for every organization. Desklog is a time and productivity management software with advanced employee attendance management features.

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