Why Employee Shift Management Is Important For Your Business Growth ?

Updated on January 8th, 2024

The world has become one big market with the universal acceptance of the internet. Most businesses today cater to customers all over the world. So they cannot afford to function 9 to 5 and shut shop. It is necessary to keep up with customer demands, no matter what time it is in your hometown. Shift scheduling was traditionally used to increase the speed of production, make the most of machinery, and provide employment to more people. But the global nature of present-day businesses has seen more and more companies introduce shifts into their workflow. The new generation of employees also prefers working outside the conventional 9 to 5 schedule. Let’s have a look at why employee shift management is important for your business growth.

Why employee shift management?

Well-planned Employee Shift Management can enhance the workflow and profitability of any company. Today’s workforce likes to work when they feel most productive, and this won’t necessarily be in the 9 to 5 window. Effective Employee shift scheduling can help companies utilize the maximum productivity of their employees.

Employees working different schedules could easily lead to confusion regarding employee shift times and responsibilities. They cannot work at their best under uncertainty. Effective employee shift management has to be used to ensure that employees are aware of their work hours and duties. Attendance management can be difficult with employees working different schedules. But with a proper schedule, you can easily know when each of your employees is supposed to show up for work. Attendance can be easily kept track of. Workload has to be effectively distributed through the shifts. It is important to have experienced personnel available during peak hours or in emergencies.

Shift management ensures that employees are treated reasonably regarding shift hours and duties. Working hours can be matched with the individual productive hours of different employees accordingly to reap maximum benefits. Overtime hours can also be difficult to manage with different employees working different hours. With effective Employee shift management, overtime hours can be easily tracked and employees can be compensated properly.

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Benefits of Employee Shift Management

Proper Employee shift management can be beneficial for both employers and employees. Let’s see what are the benefits offered by employee shift management.

Increased flexibility for employees

An increased degree of flexibility is one of the primary things employees look for in their jobs today. The opportunity to work in schedules other than 9 to 5 could be more suited for many employees. Employees who feel more productive during the latter hours of the day could work night shifts. Employees with family responsibilities could work early hours and spend the remainder of the day with their families. Proper Employee shift management can thus help employees work according to their schedules and provide them more job satisfaction.

Improved overall productivity

When shifts are scheduled properly, your business will be active all round the clock. The infrastructure of your office can be utilized to the maximum. You can hire more staff and boost the production processes. Employees working on their preferred schedule perform better and produce better results.

Effective workload management

Shifts can be scheduled in such a way that maximum employee strength is available during peak hours, and only necessary employees are present during hours when there is less traffic. Consider that the peak hours in your company are between 2 and 4 pm. You can have a batch of employees start their shifts at 10 am, the next batch at noon, and the final batch at 2 pm. So all your employees will be available during peak hours. And you won’t be overstaffed during the remaining hours. This improves the efficiency of your workflow and cuts down unnecessary costs.

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Things to consider in Employee Shift Management

Always have a backup plan for unplanned absences. Employees can fail to turn up at work for several reasons. Some of these can be last minute too. You cannot allow the workflow of your company to ache due to the absence of a shift worker. Have enough employees in every shift to effectively manage unplanned absences or have another worker on call, ready to step in, in case of emergencies. The role of the on-call worker can be rotated among employees and compensated if needed.

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Desklog Employee Shift Management

Desklog Employee Shift Management

Desklog’s shift management feature helps managers plan shifts better and effortlessly keep track of the productivity and attendance of shift workers. A significant amount of time spent manually planning and scheduling can be used elsewhere. Resources can be effectively distributed across various Employee shifts with a comprehensive overview of daily, weekly, and monthly shifts to prevent overstaffing and understaffing. You can compare the performance stats of shift workers across different shifts and recognize the peak hours for businesses and individuals. Using Desklog’s Employee shift management feature you can easily access the check-in and check-out data of employees and calculate the total hours worked across different shifts. This simplifies the salary management process.


Shift working is becoming an integral part of modern-day organizations. Effective employee shift management is necessary to make the most of your shift workers. Here we have looked at why employee shift management is important for your business growth. Desklog employee time and productivity tracking software can help you manage your shift workers. It provides advanced shift scheduling features like automatic shift rotation, 24*7 coverage, productivity monitoring, attendance management, time zone setting, and much more.

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