Top 50 Productivity Tools

Top 50 Productivity Tools

Updated on June 3rd, 2024

Companies all over the world seem to be obsessed with boosting employee productivity. While motivation and appreciation are crucial, you need the right set of tools to set your team up for success. Here we will take a look at the top 50 productivity tools to keep your team active and productive.

Time Tracking


Desklog is a comprehensive time and productivity tracking software. You can improve your team’s efficiency, streamline workflow, easily manage attendance, and much more using this tool. There is a 40-day free trial available which you can access without a credit card.

  • Detailed productivity reports
  • Apps/URLs tracking
  • Track Time Offline
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Automatic screenshots
  • Track titles of documents
  • Manage employee attendance
  • Manage shift workers

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2.Time Doctor

The automatic time tracking capabilities of Time Doctor lets you know where the team excels and where it needs help so you can easily improve individual and overall performance.

  • Employee monitoring
  • Online timesheets
  • Distraction alerts
  • Screenshots
  • Summary reports


Clockify is a popular time tracking software that is used by millions around the world. It’s a project time tracker and timesheet tool that enables you track productivity, billable hours, attendance, and much more.

  • Time tracking
  • Attendance calendar
  • Reports
  • Track expenses
  • Invoicing


Hubstaff is a feature-rich time tracking solution for field or remote teams. It helps your staff be more productive by making them aware of how they spend their working hours

  • Employee monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Payroll management
  • Invoicing
  • Project time tracking


Timely automates time tracking for businesses so you and your team can focus on what matters. It can automatically track how much time you spend on each project or web and desktop applications.

  • Time tracking
  • Project management
  • Monitor team activity
  • Popular integrations
  • Increased privacy

To Do List


Todoist will help you become more focused, disciplined, and relaxed. You can easily add your tasks to the list, organize your schedule and strive for more every day. The app can help you get the mental clarity you’ve always desired.

  • Quick add
  • Sections and sub-tasks
  • Priority levels
  • Delegate tasks
  • Comments and file uploads

7.Things 3

Things is a multi-award-winning personal task manager that assists you in reaching your objectives. The new version offers a fresh new look, fun interactions, and the latest features.

  • Reminders
  • Calendar integrations
  • Create projects
  • Quick find
  • Set categories


Millions of individuals are using TickTick every day to capture ideas, manage their lives, and do something innovative. TickTick can help you organize all of your to-dos, work-related or personal

  • Voice input
  • Smart date parsing
  • Task duration
  • Smart lists and filters
  • Multiple calendar views

9.Microsoft To-Do

Set yourself up for success with Microsoft To-Do’s intelligent and tailored suggestions. It’s easier to be focused on tasks all day with its desktop and mobile apps.

  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Task prioritization
  • Document storage
  • File sharing
  • Budgeting

10.Sorted 3

Sorted 3 combines your work, calendar events, and notes into a single timeline, allowing you to plan out your entire day in one app. It is basically a timeline based to-do list application.

  • Unified timeline
  • Effortless scheduling
  • Built-in flexibility
  • Effective organization

11.Moleskine Actions

Moleskine’s Actions is for busy people who rely on lists to stay organized at work and at home. Its digital card-based design makes it easy to see everything that has to be done.

  • Action cards
  • Natural language
  • Advanced repeats
  • Custom reminders
  • List organization


Planny was created to assist you in completing your activities by allowing you to quickly and easily organize them into lists. You may plan ahead and schedule your day in ways that were possible before.

  • Supports multiple lists
  • Tags and priorities
  • Attachments allowed
  • Comprehensive calendar view
  • Sync across devices


TeuxDeux is a to-do list that’s as simple and easy to use as a sheet of paper, and it’s based on the idea that less is more. The software is simple and elegant, and it helps you manage your time and get more done.

  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Syncs across devices
  • Timeline to schedule tasks
  • Daily reminders

14.Google Tasks

With to-dos that sync across multiple devices, Google Tasks allows you to manage, collect, and edit your tasks from anywhere, at any time. Gmail and Google Calendar integrations help you complete tasks faster.

  • Create tasks from Gmail
  • Add details
  • Accessible across devices
  • Sync with Google calendar

Note Taking


AmpleNote is one of the top note-taking apps for to-do lists. It enables you to take notes and link them to functional tasks and contact lists for more efficient project management.

  • All notes are encrypted
  • Notes, tasks, and calendar
  • Lightning-fast mobile apps
  • Install on Windows or macOS
  • File upload

16.Bear Notes

Bear Notes is ideal for numerous modes of writing, from quick notes to lengthy essays. Its focus mode improves concentration, and additional markup tools are helpful for writers when working online.

  • Advanced Markup Editor
  • Encrypt individual notes
  • Cross-Note Links
  • Multiple themes
  • Multiple export options


Students, researchers, and professionals utilize RemNote as an all-in-one tool for thinking and learning. Flashcards, PDFs, backlinks, and other advanced features help you study, get organized, and create.

  • Notes, Docs & Outlines
  • Smart Flashcards
  • PDFs & Web Articles
  • Available on multiple platforms

18.Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note can transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace. It can help you empower yourself or your team to get things done faster with fewer iterations and meetings.

  • Create notes and docs
  • Databases, spreadsheets, and tables
  • Share your notes and assets
  • Capture and annotate

19.Agenda Note

Agenda is a date-based note-taking app that may be used to plan and document initiatives. It’s for anyone who wants well-organized, easily navigable notes to help them move their projects forward..

  • > Multiple writing styles
  • Timely reminders
  • Allows attachments
  • Multiple sharing options


Evernote allows you to grab it when creativity strikes. It can help you organize your notes, to-dos, and schedule to reduce distractions and get more done at work, at home, and anywhere else..

  • Sync and organize
  • Document scanning
  • Connect schedules and notes
  • Integrate notes and to-do’s


Mem is a simple note-taking app that connects your calendar events with your tasks and notes. It has advanced functionalities such as greater speed and automation features.

  • Powered by AI
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Integrations with tools
  • Task management


Craft is a tool for making and sharing attractive documents and notes. Inline markdown, backlinks, code snippets, pictures, videos, PDF attachments, and rich link previews are all supported by Craft.

  • Create structured content
  • Easy sharing and collaborations
  • Data security
  • Available on multiple devices


ReMarkable is a tablet that aspires to be a permanent paper replacement in your life. It’s a specially designed tool for those who often find themselves surrounded by stacks of paper, files, and notebooks.

  • Transform handwritten notes into text
  • Read, and review documents
  • Integrations with platforms
  • Organized and accessible notes

24.NotePlan 3

NotePlan allows you to keep track of all of your tasks, notes, and appointments in one place. Anyone who wants to be more organized and efficient can benefit from this tool.

  • Hashtags to organize tasks and notes
  • Mentions to find people
  • Easily reschedule to-do’s
  • Create flexible recurring tasks
  • Autocomplete enabled



You can integrate Fantastical with your current calendar accounts to keep all of your appointments and assignments in line. All of your customized calendar settings, alerts, weather settings, etc will be synced.

  • Cross platform support
  • Attractive UI
  • Team scheduling
  • Conference call detection


Morgen is for individuals who manage several accounts, wish to plan meetings more swiftly, or need to keep a record of assignments and appointments in one centralized location.

  • Unified calendars
  • Delegate scheduling
  • Time zones
  • Event merging


TimeTree can become an integral part of managing one’s schedules through sharing and communication. It comes with features that allow you to share and communicate within the calendar itself.

  • Smart Calendar Sharing
  • Record and share objectives
  • Updated feed
  • Easy collaboration

28.Calendars 5

Calendars 5 is a comprehensive tool that can be described as one of the best mobile calendar experiences. It is intelligent, excels at both activities and tasks, and works on any iOS device.

  • Natural Language Input
  • Task Manager
  • Interface focused on events
  • Works online and offline


BusyCal is Mac’s most efficient, flexible, highly customizable, and dependable calendar program. It’s jam-packed with time-saving capabilities and works with all major cloud platforms.

  • Month View
  • Info Panel
  • Integrated Task List
  • Menu bar app

30.Nook Calendar

Individuals and teams who desire control and flexibility over their schedules should use Nook Calendar, a free calendar app. It allows you to connect, interact, and be more productive with the people with whom you interact frequently.

  • Customized scheduling pages
  • Sync all calendars
  • Create meetings and events
  • Set work locations


Cron is a calendar that allows you to keep track of your tasks, activities, and meetings. It’s a professional and team calendar for the future. Cron is a new platform to try out as a calendar.

  • Create and edit repeat events
  • Resize your spacing
  • Switch timezones
  • Color code events


Daybridge, unlike most calendars, does not limit you to a semi-grid. As a result, you’re free to plan your day however you like. You can combine events, tasks, and notes in one place.

  • Increased privacy
  • No ads
  • Team sync


Reclaim is a smart calendar assistant that claims to save you up to 40% of your workweek. You can auto-block time for your tasks and routines and get more flexibility out of your schedule.

  • Flexible time blocking
  • Task management
  • Smart routines
  • Productivity status


Clockwise optimizes your team’s calendars to give everyone more time. It can assist you in creating your perfect day, scheduling time together, and automated schedules.

  • Flexible meetings
  • Focus time
  • Easy scheduling
  • Popular integrations

Project Management is an award-winning collaboration and project management platform that enables teams to develop and implement complicated projects smoothly and on time.

  • Features
  • Simple dashboard
  • Time-saving automations
  • File upload
  • Popular integrations


Wrike is a leading enterprise-grade collaborative work management platform that enables businesses to execute their best work regardless of where their employees are located.

  • Customized tools
  • Better collaboration
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Increased scalability


Basecamp is a real-time communication platform that keeps teams on track. It does much more than traditional project management and allows teams to keep track of their priorities and projects.

  • To-do lists
  • Message boards
  • Documents and file storage
  • Real-time group chat


Asana is the simplest method to keep track of team projects and personal responsibilities. Asana organizes work so you and your teams know what to do, when to do it, and how to get it finished.

  • Workflow Builder
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Reporting across unlimited projects
  • Advanced search
  • Custom fields


Trello allows you to manage projects, arrange tasks, and encourage team cooperation. It’s a versatile project management tool that allows all teams to organize, track, and complete tasks.

  • Detailed & quick overviews
  • Easy, drag-and-drop editing
  • Easy organization
  • Progress meter checklist


Jira is a set of innovative workforce management tools that enables cooperation across all teams, from concept to customer, allowing you to accomplish your best work together.

  • Scrum boards
  • Reports and insights
  • Customizable workflows
  • Drag and drop interface



Akiflow allows you to combine all of your tools into one spot, allowing you to schedule projects and see everything you need to complete on your calendar.

  • Notifications
  • Conversations into tasks
  • Share availability
  • Universal inbox


Motion is an artificial intelligence-based tool that helps you organize your day. It combines all of your tasks and meetings into a single, flawless schedule for a productive workday.

  • Intelligent calendar
  • Task manager
  • Schedule meetings
  • Email assistant


Sunsama keeps track of all your projects, to-dos, and meetings daily. In one spot, keep track of everything you need to do and set sensible goals for yourself each day.

  • Time Tracking
  • Task Tracking
  • Recurring Task Management
  • Progress Tracking


Friday allows you to see all of your meetings and tasks from the tools you use in one location. It can assist you in properly allocating your time so that you can boost productivity at work.

  • Integrate your apps
  • Plan your day
  • Help stay focused
  • Join video calls in one click
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Winding Up

Productivity tools come in all shapes and sizes. Time-tracking, to-do lists, note-taking, calendars, email, project management, and planners can all be considered productivity tools. Here we have put together a list of the top 50 productivity tools in 2022.

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