Launched Free Desklog for Windows

Launched Free Desklog for Windows


We are honored to announce that we have launched free Desklog, our project management software for Windows platform. Now you can grasp the advantages of Desklog with the Windows operating system. Windows is a widely used operating system as it is preloaded with many computers while purchasing from the vendor and mostly compatible with all types of software available in the market.

What Is Desklog?

Desklog is a free project management software exclusively developed by IOSS-(Infinite Open Source Solutions LLP) development team.

It is mainly developed to assist the project managers and their team members to organize all the project related activities to successfully deliver the project deliverable or to achieve the project goals on or before the scheduled timeline.

It involves project management activities like task distribution, budget allocation, team collaboration, real-time spent on the task, resource planning, effective utilization of resources, attendance management. Overall, it enhances the productivity of your business.

Important Features Of Desklog

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Task distribution
  • Report management
  • Effective evaluation

  • Desklog Is Available For Windows

    Desklog is available with the easiest operating system Windows. However, it is also available with other operating systems like Linux, Web Installer.

    Free Download Desklog for Windows

    Desklog In Windows Operating System

    Choose Windows operating systems to download Desklog to realize the advantages of the Windows operating system.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly secured
  • High compatibility
  • Needs lower hardware requirements
  • User-friendly interface
  • High security
  • Sign Up with Desklog

    Requirements To Download Desklog In Windows:

    Below are the following requirements to download free Desklog, the project management software for Windows operating system.

  • Java 8 with OpenJFX
  • PHP 7.2
  • PHP 7.2 SQLite
  • PHP 7.2 cURL

  • Conclusion:

    Try the free download of Desklog, our project management software for Windows to experience the advantages of the software with the Windows operating system. You can also find the requirements to free download the Desklog software with the Windows operating system.

    Launched free Desklog for Linux

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