Desklog Project Management is efficient that can be customized and provides all project management software features to fulfill the need of an organization to have successful project deliverables

Plan & Schedule Project

Desklog, the project tracking software allows you to plan and schedule the project. Plan the project scope with the available resources for the assigned timeline. Schedule the individual tasks to the resources and visualize the successful deliverables of the project.

Project Scheduling Software

Task Management

This feature of Desklog task management software features makes the task to be easily handled. Split the project plan into actionable tasks and assign the task to the resources so that the result can be focussed. Allocate the deadline for the tasks and analyze the performance and productivity of the individual in an organization. An authorized person can view the reports from any remote location. Helps to improve the overall productivity of the organization.

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Desklog Task management

Automatic Project Time Tracking

Desklog is here to track the activities performed by the individual from the second the computer is turned on to the second it is switched off. Leverage the automatic data captured to calculate real-time productivity and a reliable feature to analyze the overall performance of an individual.

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View Reports

Reports are generated for the task performed by the individuals with the allocated deadline. It becomes easy for the superiors to analyze the reports based on the productivity and performance of the individuals. This provision augments productivity and thus the quality of the project.

Desklog View Reports

Bug Tracking

Tracks the bug based on the set of rules and classify the bug to assign it to the respective team member. Prioritize the bugs based on severity and view the issue status report.

Desklog Bug Tracking

Attendance Management

This feature captures the check in check out details of the employee and tracks the monthly attendance report and can view the late arrival request placed.

Desklog Attendance Management


An authorized person can view the reports of all the team members and it makes quite easy to evaluate the performance of the individual for any appraisal.

Desklog Evaluation

Agile and Scrum Management Software

Use Agile Methodology with Desklog
Agile methodology with scrum management allows you to track the changes and incorporate the necessary changes in the software in between the development or testing phase.
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Use desklog for agile and scrum project management

Desklog Project Tracking Software

Track the iterations and the changes

Desklog helps in tracking the changes as per the customer feedback. Bugs reported and the iterations performed to implement the changes.

Project management Software

Tracks the sprint plan and manages project

Each iteration performed are recorded as sprint plan and allows to share the plan with team members.

Desklog Team Interaction

Allows effective team interaction

Use Desklog to encourage effective team interaction and collaboration using scrum project management.