Agile and Scrum Management Software

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is a software development methodology, where continuous iterations are performed to incorporate the changes in between the development or testing phase of the product.

Unlike the waterfall model, the changes are incorporated as per the customer feedback before completing the implementation phase of the product.

agile and scrum software development

What is Scrum Management?

Scrum management is a type of agile methodology which focuses on the task management within the development team. Scrum group consists of 7 to 9 members.

The main responsibility is to prepare product backlog. The product backlog is nothing but the details of the end product. Conduct the iterations to incorporate the changes in the project management software. These iterations are called sprint.

Desklog Scrum Management

Agile and Scrum Project Management features in Desklog

Detailed product backlogs

Product backlogs in agile and scrum software gives complete detail about the end product and the new changes are entered here.

Simple sprint plan

Each iteration is called a sprint. The sprint is executed and the same is shared among the members of the team

Track the iterations and the changes

Desklog helps in tracking the changes as per the customer feedback and bugs reported and the iterations performed to implement the changes

How Scrum Works

How Scrum Works?

  • Create a detailed product backlog.
  • Identify the bugs and changes as per the user feedback.
  • Assign story points, i.e estimated effort for the team to implement the change.
  • Each iteration performed is known as a sprint.
  • During each iteration, the changes implemented are recorded as sprint backlog.
  • Repeat the iteration or sprint as per the requirement.

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