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What is Agile Methodology?

Agile is a methodology that embraces new improvements throughout its product development life cycle in response to suggestions and grievances that the clients convey during a development process. Agile methodology acknowledges the complexity of implementing frequent changes in the development plan and thus breaks down its whole process into multiple achievable stages and goals with finely estimated time allocated for each stage.

Unlike the waterfall model, the changes are incorporated as per the customer feedback before completing the implementation phase of the product.

agile and scrum software development

What is Scrum Management?

Managing the implementation of a methodology by using sprints is called scrum management. Agile philosophy or methodology demands good tools and frameworks to achieve smooth collaborations, division of work, and time management in delivering a project. Scrum offers to simplify the management of roles, meetings, and collaborations that can simplify the complexity between teams that have taken over an agile methodology of project development. In summary, Scrum is an Agile project management instrument.

Desklog Scrum Management

“Desklog offers to provide brilliant tools for scrum management that can seamlessly help to implement Agile methodology”

How Desklog complies with Agile methodology and facilitates Scrum Management

Desklog facilitates to create sprints and assign work to the best-qualified person who will be able to carry out them and able to do achieve the sprint’s goal with predetermined time targets.

Desklog offers simple-to-use solutions for users to specify the project name, sprint, allot time, specify a priority, and mention task type.

How Scrum Works

Why use Agile and Scrum Management Software?

  • Reduced PDLC complexity.
  • Encourages faster project output.
  • Helps project planning.
  • Smoother Development process
  • Increased Transparency.
  • Enhanced Team Productivity.
  • Easy team collaboration

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