How to Bill a Project?

In Desklog, you have the feature ‘Project Billing & Invoice’ where you can bill clients based on their project based on 3 criterias.

1.Flat Rate Billing

This billing type allows you to bill clients based on a fixed rate for individual projects. For this you have to go to the ‘settings > Projects.’ From there select ‘Flat’ option under project billing type. Remember to set all the projects as billable by default.

Then set the billable rate for the project and click on ‘update’.

2. Hourly Billing

In hourly billing the project will be billed based on hours spent on tasks within that project.
Follow the above steps, but select ‘hourly’ from the project billing type. Ensure that you have set each task as either billable or non billable.

Enter the Billable rate and click on ‘Update’.

3. User Hourly

This type is based on hours spent by each user for a specific project. Follow the above steps and select ‘User hourly’ from the project billing type.

You can either set the billing rate per user at the time of registering, or set the hourly rate while creating a new project.

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