How Project Billing Works?

Desklog allows you to set Project Billing rates in 3 types. You can set these billing types from Dashboard > Settings > Project.

1.Flat Rate Billing

Bill your clients based on a fixed rate for individual projects.

To bill for your project, you need to select the ‘flat’ option from the billing type and ensure that the project is already set as billable. Set the billable rate for that particular project.

2. Hourly Billing

In hourly billing the project will be billed based on hours spent on tasks within a project.

Selecting the ‘hourly’ billing type. You can set the default hourly rate for the tasks in a project or you can set the rate for the task in each project separately.

3. User Hourly

You can bill clients based on the hours spent by each user for a particular project.

For this, Select ‘User Hourly’ billing type by following the above steps. Select the users and assign separate rates to each one. You can set hourly rate per user while registering the user or you can configure the hourly rate at the time of creating a new project.

How to Generate Invoice In Desklog?

To Generate Invoice, go to ‘Billing & Invoice’ from the left panel of the Admin Dashboard. Click on ‘Project’. Select the client and press on the ‘Create Invoice’ button. The invoice for the selected client has been created.

Invoice Creation Screenshot

The created invoice has details like;

  • View Invoice: Contains details like the project, bill type, hours spent, Unit price, and the payable amount.
  • Mark as paid: Click this to mark the paid projects
  • Download PDF: Download the invoice as PDF form.
  • Delete: Delete the created Invoice.

Invoice Details Screenshot

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