How to Calculate Activity Percentage in Desklog ?

Calculate Employee Activity in Percentage:

Activity percentage is a metric used to measure the level of engagement or interaction of a user with a computer or software application. It is calculated by determining the percentage of time during which keyboard and mouse input is detected or recorded relative to the total tracked time.

Activity Percentage = (Time with Input / Total Tracked Time) x 100


Calculating Activity Levels

This is how Desklog calculates activity levels:
  • We denote the user as active or inactive by tracking their mouse and keyboard strokes of the user every five seconds. That is, if there is mouse movement or keyboard stroke every five seconds, the user is active, No keyboard or mouse movement means the user is inactive.
  • We calculate the overall percentage of activity for that 10 minute period by adding up all the active seconds and using the formula: Active seconds / 600 equals the activity rate %.
  • Desklog also monitors whether the user is actively using the system. If there’s no activity for 3 minutes (customizable) by default, the user is marked as ‘inactive.’ In this case, the desktop client offers the user the choice to exclude the inactive time from their record.

Let’s simplify how we determine activity rates;

If you have 100 seconds of tracked time, and 30 seconds of idle time (no mouse or keyboard movement), you’d have a 70% activity rate.

Seconds Mouse Movement Keyboard Strokes No Activity Total Activity
15 Yes 15
25 Yes 25
30 Yes 0
20 Yes Yes 20
10 Yes 10

Here, 70 seconds represents that 70% of the total 100 seconds were used actively by the user. That means, the activity rate of the user will be 70% because 70 of 100 seconds were spent using the mouse or keyboard strokes.

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