Desklog-Help Guide


Click on Project menu and under Project menu there are two sub-menus

Create Project

Click on create the project and enter the details of the Project as shown in the screenshot

*Project Name– Name your project

*Description-Describe your project in the window space

*Project Type-Choose the project type as a team or individual

*Assigned to– Team or any individual name

*Client- Name your client

*Project Priority-Choose whether it is critical, high, low or intermediate.

*End Date-Give an end date of the project

Add ons

Check on the options to enable the add-on in your project.

*Backlog– If enabled you can feed the backlog of the product

*Versioning – If enabled you can keep versions of the task.

Attach any support document to your project if required and then click on create project

View Project

Click on “View Project” sub-menu and enter the below details as shown in the screenshot to view the project.

  1. Project unique ID– Type the unique ID
  2. Client Email– Type the client Email
  3. Team Name– Type the team name
  4. Project status – Choose the status of the project
  5. From Date– Select the created date
  6. To Date– Select the end date

Click on Filter icon and filters out the particular project details. To view the complete details of that particular project click on the green icon shown in the screenshot.

There are many options to view more on the right margin of the page


Click on this option to view the below details
  • Assign to: It shows the team name the name of the individual
  • Team strength: If assigned to an individual, this option will not be displayed. It shows the number of members in the team
  • Created By: It displays the role name like Admin or TL , the person who created the project


Click on this option to view the below details

  • Due Date: It shows the deadline date of the project.
  • Created Date: It shows the date when the project was created.