How to install Desklog on Linux?

8.2 Installation Procedure In Linux Operating System

1. Install the already downloaded file by using the command.

sudo dpkg -i Desklog-Client-0.1.0.deb

Double click and Install the deb file as shown in the below screenshot.

desklog linux setup

2. Enter the following details

*Email: Enter the registered email address.

*Password: Enter the registered password (received via mail for the user)

After entering the details click on the Submit button to submit the user details on the server. It displays the pop up message “ Your information has been saved successfully” as shown in the below screenshot.

desklog setup

3. After installing and launching the app, you must Sign In using login details


3. Click on the Finish button to complete the user registration. The Desklog icon will be displayed on the taskbar tray.

9. Login to app

Right click on the icon on the taskbar tray as shown in the below screenshot.

logout exit

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