How to Calculate Efficiency in Desklog ?

How to Calculate Efficiency?

Employee efficiency is calculated in %. A high efficiency percentage indicates that a significant portion of the time spent at work is being used productively, while a lower efficiency percentage suggests that there may be inefficiencies, distractions, or unproductive activities consuming a considerable portion of the total time.


Organizations can calculate Efficiency in 3 ways:

  1. Task Spent
  2. Task Assigned
  3. Productive Time

You can set this from the settings of the admin dashboard. From the settings go to the Working hours section and select Efficiency from the appeared page. And then set on which basis you wany to calculate efficiency.

Productive Time

Here, companies calculate efficiency by comparing the total productive time to the total time at work.


An employee worked for 8 hours in a company. But only 7 hours of his was productive. In this case, the efficiency is calculated as:

(Productive time / Time at work) * 100

I.e, (7/8) * 100

Which is, 87.5.

So here the employee efficiency is 87.5%

Time Spent

This is where organisations calculate efficiency based on the total time spent on a task. This is calculated by comparing the ratio of total time spent on tasks to the time at work.


If an employee spent 6 hours of his 8 hours in doing tasks, then his efficiency is calculated as:

(Time spent on tasks/Time at work) * 100

i.e, (6/8) * 100 = 75

Here, the employee efficiency will be 75 %.

Task Assigned

By selecting this method, an organization can determine efficiency based on the total time allocated to tasks. Here efficiency is calculated by dividing assigned task time by the time at work.


An employee was assigned 8 hours of tasks and spent a full 8-hour workday at the office. So, the efficiency will be calculated as:

(Task assigned / Time at work) * 100

i.e, (8/8) *100 = 100

Here,the employee efficiency will be 100%.

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