Desklog-Help Guide


Select the settings menu from under the Admin profile on the left side of the dashboard. Settings Page will open as shown in the screenshot.

Create Roles

  1. Now click on “Create Roles”
  2. Enter the details of User Role, Role Desc, User type

For example, 

  1. Enter User Role as “System Admin”
  2. Enter Role Desc as ” Admin of the system”
  3. Select the User type as Administrator.
  4. Select the permission options to be added to the user as shown in the screenshot.
  5. The permission options displayed will change as per the User type

Configure Role

Click on Configure Roles to manage the created roles.

It displays the role of the user, user type, the status of the user, action field

There are few icons available under the action field to manage the roles. 

  1.  Edit User Role/ Role Desc
  2. Edit/Manage User Role Permission
  3. Manage User menus
  4. Deactivate User

Edit User Role/Role Desc

Click on this icon to edit the user role and the description

Click on the icon shown in the screenshot to update the changes.

Edit the user role and click on update

Edit/Manage User Role Permission

Click on this icon shown in the screenshot to edit the user role permissions

Check in or check out the permissions options as required and click on update

Manage User menus

Click on the manage user menu icon as shown in the screenshot

We can change the user menus as required. Click the delete icon to remove the unwanted menu.

Deactivate User Role

Click on this icon as shown in the screenshot to deactivate the user role

After the settings, you can create the project