Desklog-Help Guide


Either Milestone or Backlog, Sprint options are displayed on the navigations of Desklog.


Click on  Milestone navigation on the left margin and under Milestone, there are two sub-menus

  1. Create Milestone
  2. View Milestone

Create Milestone

Click on create milestone and enter the details of Milestone as shown in the screenshot

Enter the below details  as shown in the above screenshot.

*Milestone Name:-Enter the milestone name

*Description:- Describe about the milestone

*Project Unique ID:- Enter the project unique ID

*Milestone Priority:-Choose the priority type of the milestone as critical/high/low/medium/intermediate

*Milestone Type:- Choose from the drop down menu to select the milestone type

*End Date:-Enter the deadline date of the milestone

*Allocated Time:-Enter the allocated time for the milestone

*Support Document:-Attach any support documents here

After entering the details click on “create” to create the milestone

View Milestone

Click on “View Milestone” sub-menu as shown in the screenshot to view the milestone details.