How to Get Started with Desklog?

Desklog User Manual

Follow below steps to set up Desklog

1. Get Started

Upon your initial login to Desklog, click on the installed Desklog icon and enter the credentials as shown in the below screenshot. Click on the Login button.

Now you have successfully logged into Desklog and the app has started tracking your time.


From the corner, right-click on the desklog icon to login.

To log in, click on the My Desklog option, as highlighted in the screenshot above, and enter
the login credentials.

About Desklog :Which shows the current version, system user name, and operating system.

Check for updates : Informs whether an update is required or if you already have the latest
version installed.

My Desklog : Leads you to your Desklog account

Go online: Indicate that you are online.

Go offline:This allows you to work privately but your time is being tracked as private time.

Logout:Lets you logout from the account. You have to enter the credentials in order to login again.

Quit Desklog: This also lets you sign out from your account, but you don’t have to provide the credentials again to login.

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