Register Users

Click on the Register menu, You can add the user as a single user or under the team.

1. How to add users to your Desklog account?

Click on the User sub menu and you will find a user sign up page as shown in the below screenshot.

In User Sign Up form,

You can choose the User Role from the drop-down menu where you can select either System Admin or Normal User.

Then, you have to enter the Full Name, Email Address and the Username of the user.

Click on the Invite button and the user will get a welcome email to his email address with the login details.

The User can now download the app for either Windows or Linux as per his requirement and install in their system.

To add the user under a team, click on the team sub-menu under register as shown in the below screenshot.

Here you can create a team by adding below details and click on the create team button.

  • Team Name
  • Choose Team Leader from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Team Members from the user list shown in the drop-down menu and click on create a team.
  • create team

    2. How to start tracking users?


    Once the users are added as a single user or under a team, you can find the action button which is highlighted in the below screenshot to track the user activities.


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