1. What payment methods are supported?

We offer credit card payments and bank transfer for our services.

2. What is the price of Desklog?

Desklog offers two packages like Desklog Lite, Desklog Pro. To view the price structure and the features available with the packages, visit the pricing page.

3. How can I upgrade the edition?

You can easily upgrade just by selecting an upgrade option and you will be switched to the higher package.

4. How can I downgrade from Enterprise to Professional?

To downgrade, you can choose to change plans from the account settings under your profile. Please note that you will no longer be available to use the enterprise features and support.

5. Can I switch from Cloud to Hosted?

Yes, you can switch from cloud to self hosted version with complete data.
If you switch to the free edition, we charge $90. If you switch to any other edition, we import the data from the cloud for free.

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