How Invoice and Billings Works?

Only the admin or Desklog owner can Customise Invoice and Billing.

1. Login to Dashboard, go to settings

1. Login to Dashboard

2. From settings select modules

2. Select Modules from Settings

3. From the module settings, click Enable Billing.

Select the Billing type you need: monthly, hourly or both as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Enable Billing Type

4. Click on update.

Then, from the user dashboard, select the employee you want to bill the payment

4. Go to User Dashboard and Choose a User

5. Assign an amount monthly and hourly in user payment rate and click on save.

5. Update Payment Rates

Now, from the Dashboard go to Invoice and Billings under settings.

6. Select the employee you have updated with the payment

6. Go to Billing and Invoice Settings and Select User

Invoice and Billings (Monthly)

You can see the generated monthly Billings as shown in the screenshot. You can also take the printout by clicking the print option at the bottom of the page for further use.

Invoice and Billings (Hourly)

For generating hourly billings,

From Invoice and Billings settings click on hourly, select the team and the employee, enter the date, and click on generate.

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