How Desklog Attendance Management works?

Click on the Attendance menu to view the two sub-menus like Absence Calendar and Attendance Report to manage the attendance tracking system.

  • Attendance Reports
  • Work Schedule

  • Attendance Report

    Click on the Attendance Report submodule to track and manage daily, weekly, and monthly hourly attendance reports. Click on the tabs as shown in the below screenshot.

    Attendance Report

    As shown in the above screenshot, it displays the “First-In” and “Last- Out” of all the employees. It also shows whether the employee is early or late during the entry or exit time with respect to the time settings done for work start time and work end time.

    The above screenshot displays the below details:

  • Total Working Days: The number of working days per month for the employee
  • Attended Days: The number of worked days per month for the employee
  • Allowed Leaves: Number of allowed leaves for the employee per month
  • Total Leaves: The total number of paid and unpaid leaves availed by the employee per month
  • Paid Leaves: The number of paid leaves availed by the employee per month
  • Unpaid Leaves: The number of unpaid leaves availed by the employee per month

  • Work Schedule

    Plan your employee’s shifts and get detailed performance analysis in one place. Combine time tracking and shift scheduling to provide your employees with increased flexibility.

    Work Schedule

    Click on Add schedule button on the extreme left

    Create/Update shifts for teams/member according to your schedules and easily manage them.


    Select teams If The Shift is scheduling to a Specific team

    Or Select members of a team to schedule shifts individually

    Add pre-customized templates

    Check FAQ section for more details Click here

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