General Settings

1. How can it be customized?

We have a hosted version which you can customize as per your requirements for the project.

2. How to change the productivity status of any application?

Only the admin or the Desklog account owner can change the productivity status of an application. Go to settings of the application and you can find different categories of applications like Social media app, Email app, Office app, Entertainment app, etc.
Add the application under a specific category. Depending upon the team you can choose that particular category to be either productive or non-productive or neutral. You can also add a new category under app categories.

3. How to add a new category under app categories?

Click on App Categories under Settings menu, you will find different app categories like Email apps, Social Media apps, Office apps, Entertainment apps, News apps etc.

Also, on the top right corner, the Add New Categories button is available with which you can add new app categories to the list.

4.How can I add my company profile in my desklog account?

Click on settings->General Settings->Company Profile.
Here you will be able to update Company Information, Social Profile, Logo & Favicons, Working Hours.

Company Information section where you can manage your company details and contact information like company name, address, phone number, email ID.

Social Profile to manage your company social profiles like Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Logo and Favicon to upload or change your company logo and favicon.

Working Hours where you can see and manage your company working hours, minimum working hours etc.

5. Is it possible to group your employees under a certain department?

Yes, you can group your employees while registering your employees with the Desklog account.
To know how to add employees to your account, refer the section 1.2 QNo: 1

6. My settings are disabled. How to change settings?

Accounts with admin rights will be able to change settings like adding app categories, screenshot settings, work schedules, etc.

To have access, contact your admin or account owner.

7. How to upload my profile photo?

You can upload your photo in the profile section. Click on your name on the top right corner as shown in the below screenshot.

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