How to Change the Password in Desklog?

1. How to change the password in Desklog?

To change your password, click on the top right corner of your profile and click on the change password as shown in the below screenshot.

change password

Enter the new password and type once again to confirm the same. This will allow you to change the password.

2. How to reset password in Desklog?

Click on the forgot password as shown in the below screenshot.

Please enter the email address to which the new password has to be sent. This will allow you to reset the password if you have forgotten your password.

frgt psswd

3. What happens if there is no internet connection.

Desklog will go offline if there is no internet connection, however, the data generated will be stored in the computer and it can be regained to the application when the internet connection is recovered.

4. With the new Mac OS system, why is my Desklog account not working?

The new Mac system is requesting the apps for certain system privileges due to the new updates and which were not requested with previous releases.

In case if you have updated to “Mojave” OS, the prompts are received to add or approve Desklog to the privacy tab of the Security & Privacy system preference pane.

To allow Deslog time tracking, you need to enable it in the system settings. Click on System Preferences -> Security & privacy -> Automation and enable the checkbox of the web browser through which you will continue with the Desklog app.

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