Employee Time Tracking

Time Tracking With Desklog

Do you like to manage all your activities well in advance to meet the deadline? Yes! track your productive, efficient, idle time with Desklog. Trace the real-time employee productivity to enhance your overall performance and optimize the schedule to meet the deadline of your business project.


What Is Time Tracking?

Time Tracking feature is a method to track and document the real time spent on any activity, task, meeting, etc. It captures the recorded time as critical data and documented for future reference. It helps to analyze how much productive time and plan the billing accordingly.


Plan The Activities With Time Tracking

Time tracking helps to realize the time taken for any task or any activity to be completed. Plan your activities effectively with the “Time Tracking” feature of Desklog. Schedule the activities with the help of captured real-time data to plan your personal activities and experience a perfect work-life balance.


Why Choose Time Tracking Of Desklog

The time tracking benefits in Desklog are as follows:

time management

Enhance Your Time Management Skills

With the recorded real-time data, it helps to make the right decisions and estimate the time to complete the task before the scheduled deadline. Plan and schedule the task to achieve the successful deliverables.

stress management

Improve Your Stress Management Skills

Plan your activities in advance with the time tracking feature and keep control of unwanted stress to meet the deadline of the project. Schedule your personal activities after analyzing the time taken for productive work. Enhance your work-life balance.


Analyze The Real-Time Performance

Time tracking is the key to a successful project deliverable. Filter the productive and unproductive time spent on all activities to analyze the performance of the team member as well as the overall project performance. Analyze with the help of the final reports and graphs to estimate the time required to complete any assigned task.


Outline Your Focus

Each time when the focus is changed from one window to another or if it is multitasking, then you can identify the time taken for each activity and prioritize the activities accordingly. If any unproductive time is recorded and hindering the productive work, it helps to find the bottleneck and focus on the important project-related activities.


Track Real-Time Productivity

Tracks the time spent on all the activities to trace the real-time productivity of the business. It helps to improve the business and overall efficiency of an individual to accomplish the long and short term project goals.

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