Month: August 2020

Offline Time Tracking with Desklog


Desklog is glad to announce that it has launched the new additional feature -“Offline Time Tracking”. Desklog is the remote employee time tracking software. Are you looking to track an employee’s productive time when they work during no internet connection? Desklog facilitates this by optimizing your productive time during your offline hours. Desklog is a … [Continue reading]

How To Use Desklog Project Management Software Features


Do you think being a project manager is easier than being a team member? No! Managing a project is not quite an easy job and you must know why is it so? Yes! We all know it involves many phases like analyzing the in and out of the project, creating the project task, assigning the … [Continue reading]

8 Lesser-known Tips & Tricks For Desklog User


As a Desklog user, you would know that it is equipped with so many exclusive features for normal users and as well as for admin users. Some may know the in and out of these features. However, some would be in the beginner phase and maybe looking for the tips and tricks to leverage the … [Continue reading]